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Men Wearing Bags Is Not An Anomaly. It Is The Norm. Wear It With Pride!

Our personal style and what we love to wear is unique. It is a personal interpretation and expression of who we are. It shouldn’t be offensive or uncomfortable to people with fragile masculine ego.
Fashion/Style is to be enjoyed without being judged by people who have no clue of what it takes to be fashionable. Especially those who have no idea of what personal style is.
A bag is an accessory that men are allowed to accessorise with. It is very tiring to hear from certain men who define their masculinity based on what they wear as men. They love to tell us what a masculine outfit/accessory is or not. They even directly or indirectly police other men, if they think what you are wearing is not masculine enough.
Nobody cares about what they have to say! It does not make any sense.
Men wear bags and all kinds of accessories. It is a normal thing to do, we want to accessorise like everyone else.

Man Wearing A Shoulder Bag

My Personal Experience:

I had a personal experience with someone I know. It left me speechless for a moment. He said to me “Men don’t carry bags like this”. I was wearing a tote bag.
They are conditioned to believe that certain things are meant for certain types of people/demographic. Once you are seen as not doing what society thinks is masculine, they will see you as less of a man. Why is that? To which I will say it’s their problem not yours.
Men wear bags too. It is normal, do not allow people’s opinion and judgment stop you from wearing what you love.
Wearing bags is so cool and stylish for men. Some people are not stylish enough, they will never get it. 
You should wear bags regardless. Let’s dive into why wearing a bag is like every other accessory  regardless of gender.

Men Wearing Different Styles Of Bags

It Is Genderless:

Fashion and style in general is genderless to me. So is wearing a bag. It is an accessory that adds a lot of value to your outfits and style. Wearing a bag does not emasculate a man or make them less attractive. It does not change what a man represents or stands for, as some people will have you believe. Expressing yourself through fashion and style is an art in its self. I wear bags myself and I love it on other men. There are several types of bags out there for you to accessorise with.
Stop worrying about other people’s opinion of you. Start living your life, express your self the way you want to.

A Statement Piece:

Bags are a really huge statement piece. Especially a classy high quality stand out bag.
Wearing bags takes your outfit to the next level. Never ever shy away from wearing bags that makes you feel wonderful.
It has never been an anomaly for men to wear accessories of any sort. It is the norm. Men have been wearing bags and many other types of accessories for centuries. It is nothing new. Today will not be the last, neither is tomorrow. Always wear your bags with pride.

They Are Practical:

If there is one thing a bag is, it is practical. You can carry a lot with you when you wear a bag. It makes your life easy and stylish at the same time. A good example of practical bags, are totes, messenger bags and any good bag that makes sense for you.

Man With A Briefcase

Who Told You That You Can’t:

Nothing should stop you from wearing the bags you want to wear.
There is no rule book that says men should never wear or carry fashionable bags.
Some men tend to project their insecurities on other men, when they see them carry certain types of bags. Especially, if it’s a bag that is deemed to be too feminine by their definition.
The last time I checked. Fashion/style is genderless. Meaning, women can wear men’s clothes so does men. 
If you really are into fashion and style. You will really understand why gender is not a criteria for anyone to wear whatever they love.

Shopping Tote Bag On A Man

It’s Only An Accessory:

At the end of the day, it’s a required accessory. Feel free to accessorise with bags you love.
It is the art of expression and interpretation. This is what fashion and style is all about.
Never apologise to anyone for who you are, what you like, represent or stand for. Everything is not for everyone. Never judge people based on their choice of accessories. We are all different. We all  appreciate different things, we express ourselves differently.What works for you, may not work for me.

Wear It With Pride:

Being proud of you and what you represent is key here. You should wear it with pride, because you know  who you are.
You know that saying; “Confidence will take you places” Be proud of yourself! Wear your bags with pride like the champion that you are.

It Elevates Your Outfit:

A bag does something to your everyday outfit like no other accessories. The reason why it wins, is because of its practicality and the “it-factor” it adds to your style. It’s like having a beautiful couch that you can also turn into a bed “Laughs” A bag can instantly elevate your whole ensemble, when the right bag is accessorised. It takes it to the next level.

Does Not Make You Less Of A Man:

Accessorising with bags of any kind does not make you less of a man. You hear things like; “That bag is meant for women only“. Who told you that? Where did you learn that from? We have been conditioned to believe in gender specific roles. And we tend to bring that into fashion too. We don’t want that for us in fashion. We as humans in general, need to unlearn a lot of the things we have been taught. Start doing the work and unlearning right now. It is never too late. Stop projecting that nonsense you are feeling on other people. Wearing a bag does not and will never emasculate a man.

A Man Riding A Bicycle Wearing A Crossbody Bag

You Are Your True Authentic Self:

Authenticity is what some people lack. And it tends to show on everything they do. Being authentic to yourself means you are at peace with who you are, and what you believe in. 
Authenticity always shines through. It is not something that can be hidden by pretence. People can sniff a fraud from a distance without a doubt.
A lot of people navigate life without being honest and authentic to who they are. So go ahead, wear that bag like the authentic champion that you are. Pay no attention to clueless people.

You Have Arrived:

It means you know what you want with your style and are extremely ok with it. You wear it, with the utmost joy and satisfaction. You are that man who knows that, there is more to being a man. That being a man is not defined by a piece of accessory.
You are confident in your own skin and what you believe in.

Denim Tote By Carhartt

You Don’t Have To Care About What Other People Think Of You:

Be your stylish self, as you rock your lovely bags. What other people think of this shouldn’t matter to you at all. “They don’t pay your bills nor are they feeding you “ Their opinion counts for nothing.
You have the right to spend your money however you deem fit. Everyone on the face of the earth has something different that they enjoy and what brings them joy. Being wonderful in your own kind of way is what matters the most.
People will always have some nonsense to say about you, no matter what. So live your life on your own terms.

Crossbody Bag

In Conclusion:

If you love wearing bags, continue to do so and if you have read this you might consider to start.
What matters here is you and how it makes you feel. As long as it brings you joy, pay dust to all the haters.
What we wear does not define our sexuality and masculinity. Men have always worn bags. It’s nothing new. The only difference today, is that things have really improved. Meaning! We have a lot more options to work with.
Many have opinions. Whenever they see men wearing bags, and they think it is not right, they should keep their opinion to themself. You know what they should do? “Keep quiet, face their front and mind their own business”.
Because their opinion of you, counts for nothing!

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