How Not To Be A Victim To Fashion
How Not To Be A Victim To Fashion

The value we derive from our investment in fashion, is the joy it brings. It should be fun. We should never find ourselves in financial difficulties, because of fashion and style.
We love beautiful things, we want the best for ourselves. Wanting the best for ourselves does not have to equate to loosing ourselves. 
We do sometimes, feel like we have to have all the latest trends and everything that is cool.
The honest truth is – we don’t have to have it all.
Do not feel like you are loosing out by not having the best clothes, the best trends and all of that.
You need to always ask your self these questions. Do I really need to have these latest trends? Does it make sense financially for me right now? Will it bring me joy? Are they a necessity? Will it be of any value to my life?
If the answer to these questions is a yes. You are on the right path.
We absolutely do not have to allow ourselves become a victim to fashion trends. This can manifest itself, by us thinking that we have to have it all. Your validity as a human being, is not determined by how many trendy pieces you have in your wardrobe.
Please try not to appear as if you are trying too hard to belong or be validated by anyone.
Before chasing any trends think about some of the points discussed below.

You Don’t Have To Own Every Trendy Pieces:

Trendy pieces are cool, but you don’t have to buy or own everything that is trendy. Trendy does not mean it’s a must have to have. Because it’s a trend does not mean is for you. You do not have to spend your hard earned money on a trend that is not really your style. Don’t buy or wear it, because everyone is buying and wearing it.

You Are Not Obligated:

The truth of the matter is that, like in most things in life you are not obliged to partake in it, if it does not serve you in a positive way. Fashion and style is not an exception when it comes to this.
If spending on fashion is what you are doing to keep up with others, make people respect you, or trying to impress them. You are making a massive mistake and are not doing yourself any justice at all.
These things can affect you financially and mentally. My advice will be, always think deeply before splurging out the cash on any trendy fashion or brands.

It Is Not A Must:

Everything is not for everyone. It is not a must. We sometimes need to pay no attention to certain trends, even if it feels like we are loosing out. I have been in situations where it felt like I am the odd one out. You know what I did, I powered through and acted like it’s of no importance to me. It was disappointing for a moment and I was ok afterwards. All I am saying here is, have some form of discipline.

Impress No One:

It is imperative to know why you want to look good. Are you looking good /stylish for yourself?  Are you looking good to impress others?  Is this whole spending on fashion for others and not for you? These are some of the questions you have to have answers to. If you don’t know why you are buying a particular trend or a piece of clothing. Then it means you have no use for them. What this will do is put unnecessary financial pressure and burden on you. My advice is to always shop in your wardrobe, when you have the urge to follow a particular trend or buy a piece that you think is the piece everyone wants to have. In most cases, you will find an alternative in your wardrobe that will serve the same purpose.

It is good to sit with your desires of having all the “IT” brands for a while to see how you feel about it after a while. I have had situations where I wanted a particular trendy item so badly, after giving myself the time to think, I then realised that, I actually do not like them. It’s just the hype and nothing substantial.

It Is All About You:

You are worth more than any piece of trendy fashion accessory and clothing. There is more to you than how much you have in your bank account or what designer brand you wear on any particular day.
There is more to life than waisting your time chasing some trend that will die out in a minute.
I am not saying trends are not cool, they are. But it has to be approached on a personal level and style.
It has to be about you! Think about it deeply! Ask yourself a few great questions like – Will this trend work for me? Is this really my style? Am I obliged to splurge the cash on this one? Of what value will this be to me? Do I really have to have this style /piece?  
If you can’t really answer these questions, then the investment is not for you.
It has to really make sense for you, add to your personal style, and make you feel like a billion dollar.
If you are not enjoying the investment you made on any piece you have acquired, you have not really thought about yourself at all.
It is about you and how it makes you feel.

You Have To Be Sensible:

This is as simple as anything. Being sensible does not mean you have to deny yourself. It means making sure you make good  use of your resources and talent when it comes to fashion. 
Please do not chase every fashion trend. The truth of the matter is – All trends do not work for everyone.
For me personally, I know what I like fashion wise and what works for me. We have a censor inside of us that tells us when we’ve done something right or wrong. This is no different to fashion. You will know a fashion disaster when you see one. You do not have to be an expert to know this.
Be sensible, be smart, wait on it, think and evaluate deeply before chasing a fashion trend.

Avoid Impulse Buying And Don’t Rush Into Spending:

A lot of us are quick to splurge the cash thinking it will make us feel better. This can only give you instant gratification and that’s it. We can have the tendency of rushing into spending, when we are feeling really bad and down. Thinking that it will make us feel and look our best.
Never spend money on anything, especially not on fashion when you are feeling your worst. Because, all you will be doing to yourself is a disservice. 
Rushing into unnecessary spending can result in us going into debt and we don’t want that.
Find a way to create a barrier for yourself, that can stop you from rushing into shopping for things, that you’ve not really thought through.
Impulse buying is one of the worse things to do to ourselves. Sometimes you buy these pieces and will never like or wear them. This is always the case when we’ve not thought through why we want the pieces in the first place.
Whenever you have the urge to want to spend on outfits or accessories you think does not make sense for you. Speak to yourself loudly “stop it right now “.
This does really help. There have been a couple of times, where I see a really nice outfit that I like, “where I say to myself not today”. This works every time.
You do not have to have it all. Just always have this at the back of your mind.
There is more to us and we should always hold on to that.

How Not To Be A Victim To Fashion

In Conclusion:

Remember, every penny spent in making yourself feel/look good is to be enjoyed and this is inclusive of fashion/style.
Be strategic on how you splurge your hard earned cash. I will urge you to start shopping with intention. Shop for pieces that will really make a difference. Make the right kind of investment, do not want clothing because you see A, B and C wearing it. Spend on it when it’s necessary and makes sense for you financially and otherwise.
We are all smart rational beings, we know not to be foolish.
You are not required/obliged to have all the trendy pieces on the face of the earth. It is not a must to have these pieces to look your best.
Life becomes more joyful, when we know that what we wear does not validate or define us. It does not make or break us.

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