Personal Experience Journal


I recently came out on my social media channels and it had quite a reaction.

Some of the reactions I got from people who claimed to love me dearly, were so shocking. Things like- it is ungodly, it’s a taboo, that I have been brainwashed, that it’s evil and even said that they would kill their own kid if they found out their child was gay!
Get over yourselves! I AM GAY SO WHAT?

I rather be truthful, authentic and honest to who I am, instead of living a lie.

At this point in my life, I really do not care about what anyone thinks of me or anything I get up to.

Their perception of me, by “those who claim to care about me so much” is of no value to me whatsoever.

Know this at the back of your mind – if you die today, people will still continue with their lives, including those who claim to love you.

I am unapologetic! I am living my truth! I love myself more! So should you!


I Am Gay So What?
I Am Gay So What?
I Am Gay So What?
I Am Gay So What?