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Vienna has beautiful buildings and a long history. It also has many interesting things to do and cute coffee shops. It is a combination of old and new ways of living.

We travelled by train from Salzburg to Vienna, which took two and a half hours. It was quiet and comfortable. Not only that, but we even packed some sandwiches and picked up extra snacks to make the trip more enjoyable. We loved that the first class coach was completely free of the usual noise and crowds.
Taking the train also let us see some great countryside views we wouldn’t have seen if we had flown. One of the highlights of the trip was definitely getting to see the beautiful scenery. It’s a great way to travel and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Where We Stayed 

Schloss Wilheimenberg:

After arriving in Vienna, we went for a walk and then got together with our friend Aline. We used the citys transport to get to our hotel, which was an old castle. I believe the building is listed as a historic building. The room looked great, but honestly, the service was not exceptional.
The main downside was that the hotel was far from the city centre. This meant that we had to put in more effort to get to the main attractions in Vienna. The extra travel was worth it because staying in such a historic place added a remarkable touch to our visit.

Where We Visited

Belvedere Park And Gardens:

Belvedere Park is a beautiful spot with beautiful gardens and a lot of history. We really liked it there. The weather was perfect for sightseeing. It is a place everyone should visit when they visit Vienna.
Upon entering the park, the impressive design of the Belvedere Palace immediately caught our eye. The gardens look great with their symmetrical designs and flowers that match the palace. There are two parts of the Belvedere, the Upper, and Lower, with their own special views and stories. When we walked through, it felt like we were travelling back in time and following the same paths as royalty. Every corner had beautiful fountains and statues set against colourful flowers.
The peacefulness of the park provided a welcome break from the city noise. We were able to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, which made our visit even more special. If you like history and nature, Belvedere Park and Gardens is a great place to visit. It reminds you of Vienna’s past and is beautiful and has a historic feel.

What To Do When In Vienna

When you visit Vienna, you’re stepping into a city full of culture and history, and there’s plenty to see and do. Here are some activities you can do:
Start by exploring Schoenbrunn Palace and its wonderful gardens. Go to Belvedere Palace to see the beautiful architecture and famous art pieces.
Visit the MuseumQuartier to see both contemporary and classic art. The Leopold Museum is a good place to see art from Austria.
Enjoy the music at the Vienna State Opera and try to see a performance by the Vienna Philharmonic if you can.
Go to a traditional coffee shop in Vienna. I recommend Caffee Central or Caffee Sperl for good coffee and the famous Sachertorte.
Walk along the Ringstrasse to see the Rathaus and Parliament. Stop by the Naschmarkt for a taste of local and international food and some unique shopping.
Enjoy wine tasting and beautiful views in the Vienna Woods.
If you are visiting during ball season, a Viennese ball is a must.
Each activity shows you why Vienna is special, whether you like history, art, music, or just want to have a unique experience. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Where And What We Ate

Kantine Speisen Und Getranke:

We had a wonderful lunch that was truly memorable. The service was quick and friendly. They started us off with some great drinks. I chose lemonade, my partner had water, and Aline chose apple juice with a coffee on the side.
Everything we ate tasted great. We each enjoyed a bowl of lentil soup. My partner added a salad, and I had some sweet potato fries. Aline decided to eat a light salad as well.
Dessert was by far the best part of the meal. I had a creamy cheesecake with mango sauce. My partner had a Sacher Torte, which is a rich chocolate cake that’s a speciality in Vienna.
It was a delightful experience that made our day even better.


This restaurant, with its set menu, truly blew us away. We had a thirteen-course meal where each dish was a masterpiece. The food was perfectly prepared and presented.
The dining experience was incredible. The food was delicious, and the service was perfect. The restaurant’s attention to detail and beautiful presentation made our evening truly unforgettable. It was a great dining adventure from start to finish.

Pros And Cons

Anyone who enjoys history, culture, and beautiful architecture will enjoy visiting Vienna. Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of visiting Vienna.


 Vienna has a lot of history. It has great museums and historic places like Belvedere Palace and Schoenbrunn Palace. It also has famous opera and classical music performances.
The city’s architecture is beautiful, with everything from Baroque castles and grand palaces along the Ringstrasse to modern buildings like the Hundertwasserhaus.
Vienna’s traditional coffee houses are great places to enjoy local food and step back in time.
Vienna has many subways, tramways, and buses that make it easy to move around.
The city has plenty of parks and green spaces, like Stadtpark and Danube Island.


Vienna is expensive, especially for lodging and dining in upscale areas, so plan accordingly.
Popular places can get very crowded, especially during peak seasons, which might affect your experience.
Winters are cold and can be damp, which makes it challenging to walk around the city.
English is usually spoken in tourist areas, but it might be harder if you don’t speak German.
The local cuisine is mostly meat-based and might not suit vegetarians or those searching for different food options.
Even though Vienna has some problems like being expensive and having too many people, it’s a great place to visit because of its rich history and culture. Just be ready for the weather and crowded tourist spots


As our trip to Vienna ends, I think about how much fun we had. Vienna has beautiful buildings and a long history. It also has many interesting things to do and cute coffee shops. It is a combination of old and new ways of living. Although it was challenging to navigate this busy city because of the language barrier, the friendly people and many arts and history made every moment worth it.
We will always remember the beautiful gardens, the centuries-old art, and the grandeur of Vienna’s palaces. Even though the crowds were a bit much, it showed how much Vienna is loved as a travel destination around the world. Every part of the city had something new and exciting, from tasty traditional Viennese dishes to peaceful green parks.
In the end, Vienna stole our hearts because we got to explore its cultural essence. It is more than a place to visit, it is a place to truly absorb, learn, and enjoy. We leave Vienna feeling happy and motivated. Thankful for a memorable trip. 



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