You Will Go To Hell
They Said I Will Burn In Hell For Being Gay

Someone who claimed to love me said to me, that I will burn in hell. That I am not a man for being gay. That my mother, my whole family and everyone will be disappointed in me. 

That God will accept me back if I changed and come back to who they want me to be.

The weaponisation of religious beliefs by people who claim to be holier than thou, can be of detriment to you, and everyone around you. Being called a sinner, because of your sexuality, by people who commit the most sins themself, can be damaging. Especially when you know about their wicked ways first hand.

I Hated Myself:

I used to be that individual who hated myself for being gay, who begged to be straight, who was ashamed of who I am, who avoided making friends, because I was so afraid of being asked about my girlfriends, and why I wasn’t married to a woman. 

It was a long journey that took an emotional toll on my mental well-being. Above all, I was struggling mentally on every aspect of my life, until I started loving myself for who I am and not what society wants me to be.

I went to therapy, I cried a lot in private and to friends who would listen. I was a total mess to say the least.

Sexuality is not a choice. I did not chose to be gay. I was born this way and can’t change who I am.

Society wants us to feel like something is wrong with us for being who we are.

If you are gay! Know this – NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU! – You are who you are.

I am happy to be where I am mentally today, it has not been easy to get here. 

It is not easy for a lot of LGBTQ+ individuals around the globe. You do not need to announce your sexuality to the world.

What you can do is make peace with who you are for your own sake and mental well-being.

Stay wonderful – LOVE IS LOVE 

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