High Street Is Winning
The high street will continue to win. This is due to affordability and accessibility. It is the place for every budget and income level.

High street fashion is made for success. This is solely because it caters for all the essentials. It is in a unique powerful position.
High street fashion brands are becoming even more popular due to cost of living. It continues to fill in the void for everyone who wants to look stylish on a budget. It is winning in that sense when compared  to high fashion brands.
Most outfits I own, that I wear the most, with great value for money are the outfits I purchased from a high street brand.
My advice here will be, do a “mix and match “. This is a combination of high street fashion with high fashion. If you can afford to do this.
Personally, I own a few luxury brands. These were acquired, because I felt they were worth the investment.
Everything we need is on the high street. All you need is, to know what you want, what you are shopping for and the purpose of it.
The high street is the place to shop for what we need. There is everything for everyone. I will say this! If your intention is to look your best. The value and the brand name of an outfit should be of no importance. It should be about how it makes you feel. It shouldn’t be about impressing other people with your look.
Let’s dive into some of the reasons why the high street will continue to win.


The high street is easily accessible. It’s online presence is massive. This will continue in an upward trajectory. It is a winner when it comes to affordability, when compared with other well established high fashion houses. This is due to the fact that there are variety of styles on offer for everyone at an affordable price point.
The practicality of what is on offer makes the high street a very refreshing prospect.
Furthermore, when it comes to essential fashion/style must haves. The first place that comes to mind, is the high street.

The high street provides us with a lot of varieties and options when it comes to latest trends.
We love the high street for its versatility.
There is always the assurance of always finding what we are looking for.
The high street has always been a go to for me, when it comes to many of my essentials. 
This is as a result of me, always having that assurance that I will find, what I am looking for.
Nobody gets disappointed when it comes to the pieces that can be found on the high street. There is something for everyone. This is what makes the high street unique. Of course, we have a lot on offer when it comes to high fashion as well.
What I’m saying here is, there is a coexistence for all fashion houses to cater to us, regardless of our taste in style, fashion and income. It is good to know that we are spoiled with choices of where to shop for our wardrobe essentials.


If we see a really cool outfit on someone and we happen to like it. The high street got our backs. This is because, there are always alternatives /dupes available to us to style.
Personal style is unique to us. This is a fact, but we also tend to learn about fashion/style from what we see on a day to day basis and on the people around us. This is why the high street is so crucial. As it allows us to take risk with these dupes/alternatives in order to determine, if it’s something that can work for us.
This is why it’s a good idea to try a trend first with a cheaper alternative, to see if it’s a trend we may like.
Dupes in some cases are better investment from a personal point of view.
My advice will be, if you like a particular trendy pieces/outfits. Buy dupes/alternatives to see, if it’s a trend that works for you.


In most cases, it is not pretentious. I am not saying it’s better on the high street in comparison to high fashion. You expect to be treated with respect when you enter a shop floor, as a potential customer. You equally get treated with respect and dignity on the shop floor of high end brands.
The environment in majority of high street brands may appear to be more relaxed. That is not saying that it is less so with other competitors.
You are not expected to be known, have spent a lot of money as a regular, to be treated with some dignity. Like you may face in certain high fashion houses. This can also stem from our personal preference, where we love to shop and how we understand any particular brand.

Quality And Value For Money:

Because it’s expensive does not mean it’s good quality. This is a known fact. People have paid extortionate amount for the so called luxury brands and it has not lived up to its hype. Do not be deceived into thinking that we have to pay lots of money for a clothing item, for it to be of good quality. The answer is we do not need to.
I have a lot of pieces from the high street, that has served me well. Shop for what you want with intention.
Of course not every pieces on the high street is of good quality. It is not selling us high quality in disguise. We get what we pay for. This is why people go for good high street brands, that provides good value for money. My advice is, shop at the right high street fashion houses.

It Serves A Purpose:

The High Street is practical. It serves what it’s there for. Which is, to serve everyone and everybody with great styles and outfits.
Outfits for party, work, weddings, school, and staff uniforms, can be found on the high street.
It is a win for everyone. It is a universal package for all.


The design/craftsmanship in the creation of most of the pieces is well thought out. There are a good variety of designs to choose from.
With the high street we are never short of great designs and craftsmanship. We get a lot of functional cool patterns etc. 
There are lots of different collections for all season.

What You See Is What You Get:

What you see is what you get in most cases. There are several layers to the high street. If you shop at the bottom barrel of the high street, of course the quality will be lower. As long as we shop with intention, I think we will be alright. Shop for the pieces you need.

High Street Fashion

In Conclusion:

The high street will continue to win. This is due to affordability and accessibility.
It is the place for every budget and income level. 
We need clothes and other essentials. The high street is the place to shop for majority of our essentials. 
It has a massive online presence that will continue to thrive. The High Street is flexible, adaptable and in touch with the times we live in.
It also caters to a younger demography, who in most cases may not have a high disposable income. It is a place for everyone to get to have a feel good fashion and style moment.

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